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“Sí, señor”
“Hola, señor”
“On a Steek”
“Do Not Drop Me, señor”
“I’m a Comedian … On A Steek”
“I’m a Jalapeño On A Steek”

José Jalapeño on a Stick came to the United States by stick. José knew that hope lay just beyond the U.S.- Mexico border, so he began to hop north. That’s right … he was hopping for hope. And José hopped the border into the U.S., only to find out his parents were born in Los Angeles, but gave birth to him while vacationing in Mexico. He was totally legal. José is a calming force among the suitcase gang, maybe because he’s always tired. José Jalapeño on a Stick is a talking Jalapeño … ON A STEEK!

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